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Fun ideas on how to celebrate Children's Day!

Posted by Team Roma on 6th Jun 2021

Fun ideas on how to celebrate Children's Day!
Hello Friends,
Sometimes every day feels like Children’s Day, but it doesn’t hurt to stop and appreciate your kids. Before you know it, they will be all grown up! Why not try out some of these ideas and turn a day together with your little ones into a long-lasting memory.

1. Have a picnic.
Plan a picnic at the local park or at the beach. Don’t forget to grab a ball or a frisbee — your kids will love it! You can order raoma family matching tshirts to make it memorial just like family in picture.

2. Make a cake together.

Make some cupcakes or bake a big family cake together. Oh, and don’t forget that eating the cake is fun too!
3. Have a water fight.
Head outside with water guns, balloons, cups and buckets of water! Your children will be squealing with laughter and happiness!

4. Share a fun activity from your childhood.
Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Great! Share your memories with your snowflake! Play the games you played! Read the books you loved! Watch the movie you couldn’t get enough of!