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Yes ,Mom’s need me time!

Posted by One Mama on 27th Apr 2021

Yes ,Mom’s need me time!

Mom’s need me time!

Ever wanna get away? Spending time away from your kids will improve your mental health. Sometimes kids can be stressful and taking time away can relieve some stress. Here are some tips to help mom enjoy some alone time!

Leave the kids with the husband and show him at home activities while you’re out.

  • Find old friends– Try reconnecting with old friends. Find friends to go out and have a drink with. Try going out for a bite and having a little conversation to fill the soul.
  • Massage and spa time– Getting some muscle tension relief is essential to the mama in you. A little massage can go a long way for a sore mom. Find a quiet and relaxing spa and enjoy the alone time!
  • Go find treasures– Find a nifty thrift store and go hunting. This can be therapeutic to look for items to reuse. Thrift store are awesome for finding random things you never knew you needed.
  • Try new recipes– Try watching a cook show and recreate what you saw. There’s also good ol’ google to find fun recipes for the family. Baking is also fun for the mama who likes a little sugar! Try starting with a simple 10 minute recipe.
  • Take a walk to the park– This is a great way to exercise while being adventurous. Find some hiking trails and discover some new parks. Taking the dogs on a walk can also be the key for some enjoyment.
  • Go yard sale hopping– There’s plenty of yard sale posts on Facebook. Find a route and plan to hit up some yard sales. You never know what hot items you might find!
  • Go for a country drive– Enjoy the scenery and the nature around your city. Taking a cruise with some rocked out music is just what your little heart needed. Find the mountains and the hills to see if they call you.
  • Pedicure and manicure– What mom doesn’t like to get pampered? This one is great for getting away a short period and having a great excuse. A little tlc for the mom bod will make you feel prettier!
  • Find a pool– Nothing better than a hot sun hitting your skin after a pool dip. Find a pool and hit the laps! Let the water sooth you! Float it out and hear your heart beat on.
  • Nap time– Yes mom! This is very important and yet many moms seem to miss this. Taking a day nap is very essential to mental health and improve your mood. It can also give you a little bit more energy and make you feel refreshed.
  • Find a margarita– Take a trip to margaritaville and enjoy something fresh. Great for taking the mom edge off your shoulders. Find a bar and have a chat with the good ol’ bartender. After all they were built to listen!
  • Find a nearby perfume store– Go find the scents that call your skin. There are a million scents and brands to discover in perfumes. Try a couple and establish some of your favorites! Your husband should definitely notice!
  • Catch a movie– Weather it’s the regular theater or the dollar one, you’ll enjoy the peace of it. Maybe there’s a movie you’ve been wanting to watch? Go where you can actually listen and pay attention to it!
  • Take a bubble bath– Bust out your good wine and have an hour to yourself mom. This is a great way to relieve some stress from the kiddos. Find a book and let yourself get lost in it.
  • Go get your hair done– Go get it mom! It’s not too late to say “new year, new you”. Find something different and get yourself noticed! Get a look that matches the confidence you crave
  • Plant some plants– Make a garden or buy some house plants! Get your hands dirty in some soil and enjoy the flowers. Planting can be therapeutic and there are so many beautiful flowers to discover. 

Now you know! Go get you some mom me time. Enjoy the peace and quiet you desperately need!